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Let's take the guess work out of compliance for your business. 


Welcome to the Onesto Strategies 

Headquarters Compliance Evaluation.

Here's what the evaluation is all about...

We dug deep into the laws and regulations outlined in the California, Department of Pesticide Regulation "Pest Control Business Headquarters Inspection Report" (click to download - PR-ENF-110) and came up with this list of questions.

The questions in this evaluation were formulated to simplify the compliance process.  We strive to make the entire process as simple as possible. 

The questions are based on the interpretation of the report outlined in the Department of Pesticide Regulation "Pesticide Use Enforcement Program Standards", "Volume 4 - Use Enforcement Program Standards Compendium, Inspection Procedures". Chapter 10 and any applicable appendixes

and here's how it works...

Take a quick online evaluation



Tell us a little about yourself and your company.

Review results in a FREE 30-minute consultation.


1 - Because we know every business is unique and cannot be put in a box, we review every single evaluation and assign it to one of our highly skilled Compliance Specialists. Therefore, we need some basic information about you and your company. Do not worry all your information is confidential and will NEVER be sold or distributed to ANYONE without your consent. 

2 - Next step is to take a quick evaluation (about 10 minutes). 


3 - The last step, your assigned Compliance Specialists will reach out to you after you complete the evaluation for your FREE 30-minute consultation. On that call, you will be provided with a report that will lay out the areas of your business that may need some attention. The report will have simple suggestions for compliance, links to verify the sections of code, and some helpful links to resources that can help.  You will also receive an estimate for the services we are available to assist with. 

Yes, it is that easy. We are committed to helping small businesses succeed and believe that compliance should not be complicated or expensive to operate your business in compliance.   

Whew! You made it!!!


Click the red button below to take the Headquarters Compliance Evaluation!

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